Spare parts

We sell spare parts of well-known brands for the most popular engines available in the market. The products come from leading manufacturers such as: Man, MTU, Jenbacher,  Liebherr or MWM. Our product range includes: spark plugs, filters, voltage regulators, high voltage cables, cylinder liners, starters, engine heads, engine crankshafts, pistons, oil pumps, spark plug washers, ignition modules, gasket sets and much more. Why are high-quality spare parts so important? By choosing good quality products, you can achieve optimal engine performance.


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What are gas engine
spare parts?

Gas engines are usually used in various generators. Every engine can fail, but parts also wear out and must be replaced regularly. Spare parts for gas engines offered in our store are products of global manufacturers, characterized by high quality, which translates into their durability.

Every engine, including a gas engine, consists of basic but very important elements. These include the piston, filters, cylinder and crankshaft. Each of these parts is equally important and plays a key role in the operation of the engine. They are responsible for compression, gas exhaustion, and combustion. Therefore, when choosing spare parts for gas engines, you should choose reliable manufacturers. We offer spare parts for gas engines recommended by the best service technicians. The variety of products and, at the same time, a universal and complete range allows us to offer attractive prices.