Shell Mysella S5S40 Engine oil

Engine oil intended for use in engines burning acidic gases, such as biogas, waste gas and landfill gas. Available in capacities 20L and 209L. Contact us for an individual quote.

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Product description

Shell Mysella S5S40 Engine oil

Main use

Gas engines – All types of four-stroke engines burning biogas, waste gas and landfill gases.
Approved for use in engines powered by landfill gas and biogas.

Specifications and approvals

Shell Mysella S5 S oil is intended for engines requiring the use of low ash oils. Shell Mysella S5 S oil is approved by:
-INNIO Jenbacher type 6 engines, versions C and E; type 4 engines, versions A, B and D; type 2 and 3 engines, class B and C fuels
-MAN T&B M-3271-2 (natural gas) & M-3271-4 (special gases), MAN M 3271-5
-MTU Series 400: biogas, landfill gas, fermentation gases
-MWM gas engines: TR2105
-2G agenitor series: 2, 3 and 4
-Tedom: landfill gas, biogas and fermentation gases
-Caterpillar CG132, CG170, CG260 – TR 2105

Shell Mysella S5 S meets all CAT specification requirements and has successfully passed use tests. It can be used in Caterpillar stationary gas engines powered by biogas and high sulfur gases.

Shell Mysella S5 S also meets the requirements of Waukesha gas engines.

Shell Mysella S3 N meets the requirements:

-Caterpillar stationary gas engines

-MAN: Ruston engines (natural gas, waste gas, fermentation gas, biogas); dual-fuel engines (pilot diesel fuel)

-other Waukesha gas engines

-Nuovo Pignone: piston compressors, Service Class A


WłaściwościMetodaShell Mysella S5S40
Zawartość fosforuppmASTM D4047 300
Zawartość popiołów siarczanowych% wagISO 39870.57
Lepkość kinematyczna @40°C mm²/sASTM D445 125
Lepkość kinematyczna @100°C mm²/sASTM D44513.5
Gęstość @15°Ckg/m³ASTM D4052890
Temperatura zapłonu, COC °CASTM D92 268
Temperatura płynięcia°CISO 3016-18
TBNmg KOH/g ASTM D2896 5.3